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Thank you so much for coming out today and doing the inspection.  When Delia told me we had little time left on our "schedule" to get the inspection done, I asked her if she had called you to schedule the inspection and she told me she had not...I told her that I only wanted you to do the inspection and if we have to wait out some time in order to schedule you in...then that was what we were going to do. When you did the inspection on my first home in 2000, I was very impressed with your professionalism, thorough job performance and the fact that you took so much time to show me your concerns and explained things in layman's terms. It made me feel so safe and sure about one of the biggest decisions in my life. Sure enough, I got the very same vibe today. Thank you for replying so promptly. I would be proud as punch if you published my testimonial! I know how thorough you are. Thanks again for a job very well done. Maybe I can send you an invite to the open house dinner I will be having once I settle in.

L. A. and P.A.F.

Thanks so much!  Very thorough!  Appreciate your work!  Owner is going to have to fix many things.  Thanks again.

P. H.

I like your diligence to do a thorough job.
Inspections: House, Termite, Pool
Please schedule the 3 inspections for Thursday, August 6 @ 9:00am.


Thank you Felix!  I learned something new today and a common sense problem.  I had an inspection done by a know it all and she hired her own inspector a friend recommend.  She would not take any of the 3 on my list.  He told us to ask for the water bill to see if there were any leaks under the house.  Makes sense on what you stated, it will only leak with the water that's being used, so that is not any reflection on the water bill.

Thanks for an inspection well done! 
Best Regards,
R. M.

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